Welcome to our Carmenere Made for Curry website

Carmenere is Chile’s signature grape and we at Wines of Chile have long felt it deserves recognition for the delicate, aromatic qualities that make it perfect with cardamom or coriander infused dishes… but we wouldn’t want to stop you there when it comes to wine with spicy food.

Carmenere is just one of a cornucopia of possibilities when it comes to pairing wine with spicy dishes from around the world. Try a Gewürztraminer with Thai or Szechuan, or a toasty Shiraz with a Tandoori. The possibilities are endless and while this website pays homage to our favourite, Carmenere, it is dedicated to all grapes, everywhere, and their match made in spice heaven.

Viva Vinos! Viva Chile!


Wines of Chile’s Carmenere Made for Curry campaign was voted the 2011 Generic Campaign of the Year by one of the world’s top wine competitions, The International Wine Challenge. See our news post for more.