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About Wines of Chile

Chile is a land of beautiful contrasts, rich in cultural diversity, and producing some of most exciting and naturally organic wines in the world.

This long and very thin country possesses a unique geography that never fails to impress the visitor – the Atacama Desert to the north and the ice fields in Patagonia in the south combine with the mighty Andes Mountain range and vast Pacific coastline to give Chile unique climatic conditions – and a perfect environment for wine making.

Chile’s wine regions lie to the north and south of the capital city Santiago. Here warm sunshine and cooling influences from the sea and mountains create a paradise for the grapes in vineyards that are watered from pure Andes snow-melt.

An increasing number of talented young winemakers are using Chile’s varied soils, perfect climate, and eco-friendly environments to craft ever more exciting and diverse wines that reflect the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of the land. Historically famous for its rich Cabernets and Merlots, modern Chile is now also being praised for its ability to impress with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah and its very own Carmenère.

The success of its wine trade is a reflection of Chile’s stature as a modern, progressive, democratic country with a thriving export orientated economy. Foreign investment is attracted by Chile’s business-friendly conditions and political stability, whilst the exports of copper, fresh fruit, salmon, and of course wine, give Chile international prestige.

Make Chile your natural choice…

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